You can use 24 channels of high-quality recording. Microphone park allows to solve any problems related to the recording of voices and acoustic instruments. Excellent drum kit, guitar and head offices will please any musician and enable free creativity and the search of his or her sound. We value the result of our work, ready to correct the shortcomings of performance and help the musicians to record the best take.

DAW, Software

Mac Pro + Logic Studio + MH Channel strip
MH plugins bundle + Spectra Foo + Mio Console
UAD Plugins + Steven Slate + Roomsound
+ Waves Plugins
Euphonix MC Mix + Euphonix MC Control


Adam S3A
KRK Rokit8

Outboard Gear

Universal Audio 6176
Empirical labs distressor 2pcs
Manley Variable Mu
Eventide Eclipse

Guitar amps and cabs

Orange rockerverb 100 mk ii
Orange ppc412
Engl powerball 2
Engl E212VB Pro
Marshall JMP 2203 1980′
Fortress cab 412 v30
Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Peavey classic 4×10 1970’s
Gallien Krueger 1001 Halfstack

Drum kit

DW Performance Series Standard Drum Kit
Sabian HHX Evolution
16″ crash, 20″ ride, 14″ hihat


Neumann Tlm-170
Neumann Tlm-103
Neumann U87
Audio-Technica AT 4060
Neumann km 184 stereo pair * 2 pieces
Rode NT5 stereo pair * 2 pieces
Sennheiser MD 421
Sennheiser E904 * 3 pieces
Audix DP5-A Drum Microphone Set
Heil PR30
Oktava 102
Shure Sm58
Shure Sm57

Keys and synths

Vermona drm1 mkIII7
Akai mpc 2500
Casio CDP100

Cables, plugs

Klotz, Ampfenol, Neutrik